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Site Design & Development

We offer comprehensive list of site and civil services from pre-design through construction administration. We understand that each project presents unique site constraints, which is why we utilize our expertise to produce complete and accurate bid documents, minimizing unexpected change orders during the construction phase. 

List of services:

· Construction Documents

· Contextual Site Plans

· Downtown Beautification and Revitalization

· Drainage Studies

· Due Diligence and Feasibility Studies

· Earthwork and Site Grading

· Engineering Consulting

· Erosion and Sediment Control BMP's

· Final Development Plans

· Drainage and Flood Control

· Preliminary and Final Design

· Project Management

· Public Parks and Open Space

· Remediation Studies

· Residential, Commercial, Municipal, Recreational, Agricultural, Multi-Family, Parks and Open Space

· Site Balancing

· Site Plan Review

· Stormwater Drainage Design

· Sustainable Site Design

· Urban Design

· Utility Infrastructure

· Value Engineering

Markets we serve

We serve a wide range of municipal and private clients in the residential, commercial, industrial, mixed-use, agricultural and educational markets.  

other Areas of expertise

At Xcelsior Engineering, we provide civil engineering and infrastructure design services to owners, architects and developers in the Colorado region. From conceptual design through construction administration (and everything in between), we offer a variety of services to make sure you get the most out of your site’s land and use. Click the links below to view our full list of services: 

Construction Administration

Our combined expertise in civil engineering and site construction make us the ideal candidate for your construction administration needs. From the bidding phase to project closeout, we provide quality assurance and quality control for your construction project, helping owners stay within budget and ahead of schedule.

Stormwater Design

Water quality and flood control regulations are becoming more stringent, which is why we are constantly adapting to changes in policy to deliver innovate and economical designs for our clients’ stormwater needs. We can design full drainage systems and provide stormwater plans and reports, including hydrological and hydraulic calculations. Our sustainable design solutions aim to efficiently direct stormwater runoff with minimal impact to the environment. 

Transportation Design

We are experts in uniting the efforts of owners, transportation engineers, and local government officials to provide our community with safe, functional, and cost-effective transportation means and methods. We offer comprehensive transportation design services for civic and private clients including street and intersection, parking lots, transit facilities, pedestrian and bicycle facilities. We also offer parking and ADA accessibility studies.

Utility Design

We have the unique capability and experience to design effective utility systems. We can design full water systems, full sanitary sewer systems, as well as shallow utilities (cable, phone, fiber, electric, and gas) as required. We maintain thorough communication with each respective utility company throughout the design phase to ensure proper vertical and horizontal alignment, and avoid conflicts. 

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